BM Carrozzerie srl was born 30 years ago from the merger between three different company: CARROZZERIE BM srl, BLB srl and CARROZZERIA LOMBARDA srl, with the goal to improve its dutes and different work areas.

BM Carrozzerie srl is one of the most important Italian companies working on the transport field: car, bus, trucks, trains and railways vehicle.

The company has a total surface of 25.000 mq and a covered area of 11.000 mq.

BM Carrozzerie has latest generation certify equipment and qualified personnel: we can work on all types vehicles, repair different type of road crash.

/ Staff

Administrator Department

Cristina Apicella
Cristina ApicellaBack Office
Roberto Fucelli
Roberto FucelliUff. Acquisti - Resp. Autovetture
Claudia Bianchi
Claudia BianchiAmministrazione
Laura Bandera
Laura BanderaHR Manager

Engineering Department

Francesco Bandera
Francesco BanderaIng. Meccanico
Alfonso Roscigno
Alfonso RoscignoIng. Meccanico
Rolando Botter
Rolando BotterPerito Tecnico

Responsabili Tecnici e Commerciali

Luigi Crotti
Luigi CrottiResp. Tecnico Commerciale
Ferrotranviario / Autobus
Ivan Bernasconi
Ivan BernasconiCommerc. Veicolo Antincendio
Allestimenti Speciali
Marino Lorandi
Marino LorandiResponsabile
Ugo Fogliata
Ugo FogliataResponsabile
Veicoli Industriali e in genere

/ Gallery

/ Video

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