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The D-GID transformation assembly was created to address the issue of the environmental eco-compatibility of a large fleet of vehicles equipped with diesel-cycle engines.
Not only that, the road transport of goods, or connected to the provision of services, is almost entirely based on the use of diesel, which, especially in the last year, has seen a constant increase in price, now very close to that of petrol, with a significant increase in operating costs.
The D-GID system therefore intervenes on two fronts.
In fact, by replacing a part of the diesel used in the operation of the vehicle with an equivalent energy contribution derived from the use of methane gas, this application allows to obtain two important results:
- reduction of exhaust emission values, even for vehicles with significant mileage already behind them;
- reduction of operating costs of the transformed vehicle, for a redefined economic convenience.

The system thus characterized falls within the Dual-Fuel typology.
In fact, the working conditions provide for the possibility of feeding the engine by injecting diesel and methane at the same time in predefined proportions, or of running the engine using only diesel fuel like the conditions prior to the transformation.
The D-GID assembly, consisting of various mechanical parts widely tested, as already used in conversion systems for petrol cars, and a new and specific electronic control unit with specially developed software, can be applied to diesel vehicles provided they are equipped with electronically controlled pump and injectors.
The installation of the system has the characteristic of not being invasive. In fact, neither the components nor the electronics of the system irreversibly replace the original materials of the vehicle. In particular, the original electronics maintain the diagnosis and safety systems within themselves, continuing to perform their functions even when the engine uses the diesel-methane mix as fuel.

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