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The steam, given the high temperature of use, allows the total disinfection of the air and surfaces from bacteria, molds, allergens, bad smells, organic compounds and even viruses (such as COVID-19), as the majority of virus does not survive at exposures above 70 ° C.

The machinery used is CE certified and in particular they comply with the P.E.D. (Pressure Equipment Directive).

The disinfectant product chosen by BM Carrozzerie, which can vary according to the types of vehicle to be sanitized, is an alcohol-based product to ensure maximum sanitizing effectiveness of all types of internal surfaces.

The service offered by BM Carrozzerie consists of 3 cleaning phases to ensure the best performance of the products used:
1. Passage of steam throughout the interior of the vehicle
2. Passage of the alcohol-based disinfectant
3. Further passage of steam

The proposed service can be performed at our headquarters in Montirone (BS) or at the customer's premises, guaranteeing the same results and the same efficiency.
This sanitization is suitable on all types of surfaces, including the upholstery of the seats thanks to the use of steam, without damaging equipment, electrical and electronic equipment.

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